• Tandem skydive from an incredible altitude of up to 14,000ft, and experience the thrill of freefall at 200km/hr

  • Skydive in Byron Bay and see just how incredible it feels to glide to earth on your parachute

  • Experience tandem beach skydives with sensational views

  • Show everyone you really did it with a jaw-dropping DVD and photo package

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Professional Skydiving service in Byron Bay

Looking for the ultimate thrill? We’ve done the hard work and bring you the best skydiving locations around. Jump from an incredible altitude of up to 14,000ft, and skydive with the best: best views, best locations, best customer service and the best instructors!

Skydive the Beach and Beyond Byron Bay is located in the famous Byron Bay – Ballina region. FREE return transfers are provided from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and limo transfers available from the local Byron Bay area. This adventure attraction offers tandem skydiving from an insane altitude of up to 14,000ft directly over the regions beaches. Experience the ultimate thrill of freefall at over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds, and then float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up the spectacular coastal views.

Moving on from Byron Bay? We have TEN fantastic locations around Australia, with the most spectacular beach, city and bushland panoramas. From the silky sands of Sydney-Wollongng, to the chilled out winery region of the Hunter Valley, our drop zones offer you a skydiving experience like no other!

Freefall into Byron Bay

Beach skydiving doesn't get better than this - jump from an incredible altitude of up to 14,000ft directly over the pristine beaches of Byron Bay! With awesome adventure packages, skydiving gift vouchers and wicked DVD and photo packages available, your tandem skydive is sure to be one to remember forever.


Sydney's ONLY beach skydive

Tandem skydive from Australia's highest altitude of up to 15,000ft. Enjoy the rush of freefall at over 200km/hr directly over the beach with FREE Sydney city transfers. Our large, fast aircraft can take up to eight tandems at a time, so you can jump with friends and family.


See the Hunter Valley from 14,000ft

Tandem skydive from up to 14,000ft right into the beautiful Hunter Valley - skydiving doesn't get much better than this. No matter what time of year, we've always got something fun and exciting going on at our own private airfield. Give the friendly team a call to find out the latest special offers and promotions.


If you can dream it, you can do it! Beat your fears, push your personal boundaries and step outside your comfort zone with a beach skydive experience you’ll remember forever. Once you’ve taken the plunge you will feel like you can achieve anything.

Book your experience today with the best skydiving has to offer: best views, best locations, best customer service and the best instructors. With a 100% tandem skydive safety record and in operation for over 15 years, you’re in safe skies.

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